“It sustains my livelihood; it provides a place for me to live, food for me and my family; room for our children to grow; when we take care of our lands for the animals, plants, water and air it is then that we are a success. Land is where we come from and where we return to. - Carol Allison”

Okanagan Nation Declaration

The Okanagan Nation Declaration states:

We the Okanagan Nation make this declaration today as a sign for every generation to come.  Therefore, we hereby declare that:

We are the unconquered Aboriginal peoples of this land, our mother;

The creator has given us our mother, to enjoy, to manage and to protect;

We, the first inhabitants, have lived with our mother from time immemorial;

Our Okanagan Government have allowed us to share equally in the resources of our mother;

We have never given up our rights to our mother, our mother resources, our governments and our religion;

We will survive and continue to govern our mother and her resources for the good of all for all time.

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