“The land is me; it provides what I eat and drink. The land sustains our food Chiefs, which are required for our diet… the water to quench our body. The land buries our precious ancestors; our mother earth loves us and we love her; protect her as she does us, and we will dance and sing with her. - Nancy Allison”

Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation Program

  • This program is designed to help and assist LSIB members travelling to and from medical, dental, and specialty appointments out of town and off reserve.  LSIB has alos been successful in accessing fund for a medical van transportation program.
  • We administer the Health Canada Patient Travel Program and the Health Clerk will assist members in coordinating travel to and from medical appointments.
  • The main purpose of the medical van is to assist band members that are unable to travel to appointments on their own
  • Another purpose for the medical van is to decrease use of patient travel budget
  • Scheduling all appointments for community members
  • Scheduling maintenance and repairs to medical van

Contact: Joannie Allison

Ex 119

Email: healthasst@lsib.net