“The earth is our Mother; it is where we all come from. We must protect her from all harm; it is the only way to protect us too. We must refrain from using harmful chemical that pollute the land, air and waters. Respect everything that the creator made. - Antoine Qualtier”


  • To plan, organize and implement healthy activities that will improve recreational, social, cultural and educational programs available for Lower Similkameen Indian Band community members.
  • Community Liaison Worker for the “Our Native Voice” Program
  • Link with local Aboriginal Support Workers
  • Communicates with other Okanagan Nation Youth Workers
  • Build relationships with neighbouring bands
  • Friendship Centers in the Okanagan
  • Okanagan Nation Elder Meetings
  • Assists with Healthy Harvest Boxes
  • Team Member of the Okanagan Nation Crisis Response Team
  • Canadian Red Cross RespectED Prevention Educator
  • Aboriginal Bullying Information   http://www.naho.ca/aboriginalbullying/