“If you take the land from the People, the People will lose their way. - Madison Terbasket, age 11”


Lower Similkameen Indian Band lands form the largest intact riparian habitat in the South Okanagan and support many of the region’s species at risk. It is our goal to build on efforts to preserve and enhance this critical riparian corridor with stewardship planning, cattle exclusion fencing, and by creating the Hundred Acre Woods Conservancy to protect an old forest riparian ecosystem that out-measures all other such ecological communities in the region. Community members both on and off reserve will be engaged in outreach activities including a celebration to inaugurate the Conservancy which will become a community ecological classroom and operate as a pilot project in participatory conservation.

The LSIB lands includes a large area of near-pristine ecological systems that contain a high number of Species at Risk (SAR). The success of the Environment Department and subsequently the recovery of SAR on reserve depend on continued participation from the Lower Similkameen community.