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  • “The land never fails in its beauty and its essence to take my breath away and calm me like nothing else can. I forget the breakdown of our name for it but I know and feel that we as sqilxw, as Syilx people are connected to it. As relatives we are born from it. We have parts of the land within our blood, our bodies, the rocks as minerals, the water our life blood that flows through our veins, the air the oxygen, the wind our breath, you name it, it is there within us as a reminder. Our captikwt remind us of our responsibilities and roles we have as sqilxw among the land. I cherish it all and keep it close to my heart. - Brandy Baptiste”

Reserve Lands

11 Reserves

  • Lower Similkameen IR No.2 – 1293.7 hectares
  • Narcisse’s Farm IR No. 4 – 750.3 hectares
  • Blind Creek No. 6 – 161 hectares
  • Blind Creek No. 6A – 0.1 hectares
  • Chopaka IR No. 7&8 – 1537.8 hectares
  • Alexis IR No. 9 – 168.7 hectares
  • Ashnola IR No. 10 – 3415 hectares
  • Keremeos Forks No. 12 & 12A – 954.1 hectares
  • (Range) IR No. 13 – 6768.1 hectares