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  • “The land never fails in its beauty and its essence to take my breath away and calm me like nothing else can. I forget the breakdown of our name for it but I know and feel that we as sqilxw, as Syilx people are connected to it. As relatives we are born from it. We have parts of the land within our blood, our bodies, the rocks as minerals, the water our life blood that flows through our veins, the air the oxygen, the wind our breath, you name it, it is there within us as a reminder. Our captikwt remind us of our responsibilities and roles we have as sqilxw among the land. I cherish it all and keep it close to my heart. - Brandy Baptiste”

About us

“Remember who you are and where you come from”.

Vision Statement
Living our traditions in a peaceful and sustainable environment

Mission Statement
To protect, enhance and preserve lands and resources for our future generations

Value Statements
We, the LSIB Administration, are guided by the following values. All our decisions and actions will demonstrate these values. We believe that putting our values into practice will create long-term benefits for LSIB and all our members we serve.

Respect – We honour and recognize ourselves and the people we serve
Trust – We act in good faith in everything we do
Honesty – We are honest and fair in our actions and decisions
Compassion – We are caring and kind to our sacred children
Accountability – We are open and responsible for our actions

The Lower Similkameen Indian Band (LSIB) is a small, geographically isolated community in the Similkameen Valley, located in the South Central Interior of British Columbia. The Lower Similkameen Indian Reserve covers 15,276.4 hectares and services a total of 11 reserves, divided into pockets of land stretching over 90 kilometres.  The Bands current membership is 459 members, half of which reside on reserve.

Located in the Similkameen Valley, the land base of the Lower Similkameen Indian Band is a combination of distinctive desert lands, luscious valley lands, mountainous alpine and fertile wetlands. The mountainous region contains various streams, creeks, rivers and lakes. The pristine back country offers the beauty of nature as it should exist. The area is known for its diversity in agriculture through ranching, farming and orchards. Natural resource development in logging, restoration and forest management is also important in this area.