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  • “The earth is our Mother; it is where we all come from. We must protect her from all harm; it is the only way to protect us too. We must refrain from using harmful chemical that pollute the land, air and waters. Respect everything that the creator made. - Antoine Qualtier”

Capital and Public Works

Capital and Public Works

Capital services include infrastructure planning, design and construction and significant improvement projects.

The focus of Public Works Services is maintenance, repairs and operation of all LSIB buildings, water systems and roads.

Building Maintenance

Maintenance for the buildings include:

  • Building operation
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Building improvements
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Janitorial services

Drinking Water and Sewage

The Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program supports weekly sampling and monitoring of water for total coliforms and e coli.  The Ashnola, Chopaka and Blind Creek community water systems, Bandschook and Dayware are sampled weekly.  Private wells are sampled twice a year.  The objectives are to reduce the incidence of waterborne illnesses; and outbreaks by increasing and improving the monitoring of and reporting on community drinking water supplies.  It implements the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality by responding to problems by sampling, analyzing and making recommendation for corrective actions.  LSIB staff collaborates with the Environmental Health Officer (Health Canada) in delivering this program.

Contact: Trudy Peterson

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Email: housing@lsib.net


  • All public roads are currently maintained by the Ministry’s contractor Argo Road Maintenance.
  • To report slides and other road hazards please visit:  www.th.gov.bc.ca