“We the Sovereign and respected Smelqmix are committed to preserve our Land, History, Language, Culture and Traditions, to enhance the quality of life for ourselves and future generations.”

Collectively, this Council commits to focus on the following goals and issues:

This Council recognizes the sacred and profound responsibility that it has to protect and uphold LSIB Title and Rights. We will fulfill this role effectively by asserting our interests wherever necessary, including with various governments- Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal- industry and non-profit organizations and community groups. Furthermore, we are committed to moving on several specific claims and outstanding issues related to LSIB title and rights.

To better enable ourselves to ensure the protection of the land, water, and resources, we are committed to undertake a Lower Similkameen Land Use Plan.

We embrace the importance of fiscal responsibility. This leads to job creation which is a priority for this Council. We commit to learning more about, understanding and adhering to the corporate structures and processes that have been established.

Collectively, this Council commits to focus on the following Issues this year:

  1. Protection of Our Title and Rights Through Strategic Assertions and Effective Partnerships
  2. Enhanced Communications with LSIB Members
  3. Fiscal Responsibility and Growth
  4. Clearly Defined Roles for all Council Members