• Okanagan Nation Declaration
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  • “The land is our mother, she takes care of us in so many ways. She's precious, sacred and needs to be taken care of as such. We need to continue our sacred ceremonies of prayer for her. - Jackie Tallio”

Okanagan Nation Declaration

The Okanagan Nation Declaration states:

We the Okanagan Nation make this declaration today as a sign for every generation to come.  Therefore, we hereby declare that:

We are the unconquered Aboriginal peoples of this land, our mother;

The creator has given us our mother, to enjoy, to manage and to protect;

We, the first inhabitants, have lived with our mother from time immemorial;

Our Okanagan Government have allowed us to share equally in the resources of our mother;

We have never given up our rights to our mother, our mother resources, our governments and our religion;

We will survive and continue to govern our mother and her resources for the good of all for all time.