Home and Community Care

The LSIB Home Care program provides a continuum of home and community care services that are comprehensive, culturally appropriate, accessible and effective.  The program responds to the unique health and social needs in our community.  The program targets all ages with disabilities, chronic or acute illnesses, and the elderly to receive the unique care they need in their homes.  The care program is delivered primarily by trained and certified personal care workers at the community level which are supported and supervised by the Nurse.  The structured client assessment service includes on-going reassessment and determination of client needs and service allocation.  The managed care service incorporates case management, referrals, and service linkages and partnerships with Interior Health for co-managed care.  Home care nursing service includes direct service delivery, supervision, and teaching of personal care workers.  The home support personal care services include bathing, grooming, etc that enhance Adult in Home Care Program that provides homemaking services which include basic housecleaning supports.

Home and Community Care supports services include linkages to Interior Health  for Occupational Therapy and Pysio-therapy  and ; medical equipment program, respite care; meal programs (meals on wheels); home based palliative care and social service.  Also, LSIB provides a foot care services, LSIB The team consists of the LSIB Nurse whom liaises with the Home Support Team, Homemaker and Health Canada provide Clinical supervision.

Nurse- Leslie Fournier

Ext 129

Email nurse@lsib.net

Non Insured Health Benefits (Care Card)

This program provides First Nations with a limited range of medically necessary health related goods and services not provided through private insurance plans, provincial/territorial health or social programs or other publicly funded programs(Care Cards) .  The benefits provided under the NIHB program supplement private insurance and provincial health and social programs include drugs, dental care, vision care, medical supplies and equipment, mental health services (short-term crisis intervention).  If you have been denied access to service here is the 1 800 to call and appeal that decision.

Contact : Joanie Allison

Ext 154

Email: healthasst@lsib.net

NIHB Drug Benefit List

Health Care Contact Numbers:

  • Keremeos Diagnostic CenterT: 250. 499 3000
  • Home Care Nursing T: 250. 499 3033
  • Meals on Wheels T: 250. 499 3028
  • 24 hr Nurses Hotline T: 1 866. 889 4700T
  • Mental Health Counsellor T: 250. 499 3022 (Bruce Lane)
  • Diabetes Education/DieticianT: 250. 499 3020
  • Life Line AssistanceT: 1 866. 755 611X
  • Penticton Hospital T: 250. 493 4000
  • Oliver HospitalT: 250. 498 5000
  • Princeton Hospital T: 250. 295 3233
  • Summerland Center T: 250. 404 8000