Band School (ntamtqen snma?maya?tn)

The Ntamtqen snma?maya?tn offers elementary grades (full time kindergarten to grade seven), with a vision of combining tradition with the tactics of modern education in order to provide our children with an encompassing future.

We believe the union of Aboriginal tradition and academic excellence can live in one house in harmony for the betterment of all.

“The Lower Similkameen Indian band recognizes the value placed on lifelong learning and will strive to incorporate a multi-generational approach as part of the learning”

The school philosophy: “ We support and model the principles behind the Circle of Courage1.  According to this model, a positive culture or ‘reclaiming environment’ is one that both communicates and shares with youth the following core values:

  1. Belonging:  is about nurturing significant relationships.  Belonging is about building constructive relationships with peers and community.
  2. Mastery: is about acquiring a sense of competence in all areas of development.  Students must develop social-emotional and academic competencies to become capable and responsible members of the community.
  3. Independence: is about helping students experience a sense of power and control and the ability to accept responsibility for their decisions
  4. Generosity: is about developing positive virtues.  A positive learning environment is characterized by a supportive climate which makes both social and academic experiences meaningful

1 Dr Martin Brokenleg in Reclaiming Youth at Risk

Contact  – ph. 250-499-2717

Principal/Team Lead: Stuart Krestell
Administration Assistant: Alyson Terbasket

Location: 1363 Highway 3, Cawston, BC