• Taxation By-Law
  • Property Assessment By-Law
  • “The land is me; it provides what I eat and drink. The land sustains our food Chiefs, which are required for our diet… the water to quench our body. The land buries our precious ancestors; our mother earth loves us and we love her; protect her as she does us, and we will dance and sing with her. - Nancy Allison”

Laws and By-laws

The Lower Similkameen Laws and by-laws:

  • Lower Similkameen Indian Annual Rates Law 2017
  • Lower Similkameen Indian Annual Expenditure Law 2017
  • Lower Similkameen Financial Administration Law 2015
  • Lower Similkameen Indian Band Property Amendment Law 2015
  • LSIB Taxation Property By-Law
  • LSIB Taxation Assessment By-law