Programs and Services

The Lower Similkameen Indian Band is committed to the development and progress of its members as well as its community:

  1. Commitment to work in partnership with Chief and Council to deliver the highest quality in Administration services for LSIB members
  2. Commitment to develop LSIB Administration staff to become the most competent and professional work force
  3. Commitment to be transparent and accountable through regular reporting and communication to Chief and Council and LSIB members
  4. Commitment to incorporate the traditional values, culture and language of the Smalqmix people in Administration programs and services

The Administration offers a series of programs and services to assist the membership and community in areas of:

  • Capital, Housing and Public Works
  • Education
  • Employment and Training
  • Lands and Environment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Membership
  • Finance

In this section, you can learn about the various social services the Lower Similkameen Administration provides.