• Skul'qalt Forestry
  • Windpower
  • “It sustains my livelihood; it provides a place for me to live, food for me and my family; room for our children to grow; when we take care of our lands for the animals, plants, water and air it is then that we are a success. Land is where we come from and where we return to. - Carol Allison”

Economic Development

The primary purpose of the LSIB Economic Development Corporation is to develop successful, profitable businesses on behalf of LSIB. We will do this by creating a climate for success:

  • experienced stable management,
  • focus on quality products and services,
  • sound financial planning.

Our business values Syilx culture and traditions, which includes a profound connection to the Land and Environment.  Thus, LSIB Economic Development is committed to balancing profit goals with protecting and enhancing LSIB culture and traditions.

LSIB utilizes a Limited Partnership structure, which is the model commonly recommended for First Nation Enterprise Development.  On June 15th 2006, Chief and Council approved the creation of an Economic Development and Limited Partnership structure to establish business on behalf of LSIB.  The first business operation established was Skul’qalt Forestry Limited Partnership, to managing LSIB forestry activity.

In 2009 LSIB invested in researching a community wind power project and is currently working with partners to further develop business and economic oportunities in the Similkameen.

The Lower Similkameen Indian Band is open to developing new partnerships.

For More Information Contact:

Eric Buchstein, Chief Executive Officer