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Employment and Training

Employment and Training Assistance Services

We provide inspiring, client-centered employment assistance services for our membership.

The Employment and Training funding is provided through the Okanagan Training and Development Council (OTDC ) Vedrana link it to www.otdc.org)

Our services support individual aspirations to effectively meet training goals and to become successfully employed.  We work with you to identify both the strengths you possess and the challenges you are facing in an effort to help you develop an effective employment action plan.

The Employment and Training Assistance Service (ETAS) provides employment assistance services to all unemployed members. These services include assistance with resumes and cover letters, job board and job search advice, career counseling and workshops on a range of topics. We can also refer eligible clients for training and funding assistance, self-employment options and other programs.

In addition, the EAS office can provide you with:

  • Access to job search tools
  • Access to computers, fax, copier and telephone
  • Access to work search strategies and up to date job postings
  • Access to program supports

Some of the services that we offer can be accessed on a self-serve basis, some can be handled during an unscheduled drop-in visit, and others, such as career counseling and testing require an appointment with the ETAS Coordinator. A phone call to the office beforehand will help to determine which.

Other types of programs offered include: Course Seat Purchase Program, Youth/Student Development Program, Workplace Training Program, Job Development/Wage Subsidy Program, Delivery Assistance Program, Human Resource Investment Fund Program, and Disability Program.

For OTDC program details, to view videos or obtain OTDC funding application forms please visit: http://www.otdc.org/programs.htm


For More Information Contact:          Theresa Sam, OTDC, lsibemployment@lsib.net